Commercial kitchen fans are the heart of the kitchen. Most people don’t realize how important they are until they break. The best thing you can do for your fan is provide it with a good preventative maintenance program. Start with a thorough cleaning before it becomes contaminated. Baked-on grease holds and transmits heat to the bearings, belt, and motor.

Cleaning should be from the outside and inside of the blades.

After cleaning the old belt should be removed so the motor can be pulled away from the shaft to expose the shaft bearings for lubrication. If the belt is over a month old we recommend installing a new belt.

Once the new belt is installed over the pulleys it needs to be adjusted to the proper tension so the fan pulls at 100% without putting undue tension on the system.

Tip Top Service Company provides this service to our existing customers for less than you can afford to go to the local belt provider and do the service yourself. Customers within our immediate service area are also provided with free belt replacement if the belt should break between services.

When your fan is down you need it up and running as soon as possible. We are the company who can accomplish that for you 7 days a week. In the rare occasion when we are unable to repair your fan on the spot we usually have an abundance of used fans available for sale or rent. Need a new fan? We work closely with major manufactures to find you the replacement you need at a price you can afford.